Did you just smell me?


Damian Lewis as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing (2005)

Chloe Moretz for Allure magazine [September 2014]


Brigitte Bardot


Brigitte Bardot

"One dose, and the time works to the second. But more than five doses breaks the delay barrier, and the formula works instantly. Child… starts to shrink. The child… starts to… grow fur. Starts… growing a tail! All this happens in precisely twenty-five seconds! Shrinking more… child is no longer a child." (The Witches, 1990)


crying about it

She shares a childhood memory about police having to escort her home in 1964, when the Beatles came to Los Angeles to play a charity event. Among the crowd of hysterical young girls who made the CBS News while waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Fab Four — Sagal. Bless the Internet, we found the footage!


Josh Charles. In white shirt & shorts. Sunglasses. WET. God bless, America. 


Damn it Neil, the name is Nuwanda.


"They found this field where all these geese were. They had me riding down this one part in the front and all these grips and people hidden behind bushes with air horns trying to scare these geese, who could not be bothered. They didn’t care. They weren’t moving at all. They would not fly.

It was a pretty big hill, and it had been raining the day before, so the earth was really damp. I’m really gung-ho. I’m a 17-year-old kid, like, I don’t care. I’m on a bicycle. Let’s go. I said to Peter, “Why don’t I just try to ride down right in between them? Drop me up at the top of the hill. I’ll get on the bike, and I’ll just come down.” He’s like, “Hmmm. Are you all right to do that?” The teamsters drove me up. They had their walkies, and they had to tell me, “Okay, this is where you’re gonna go,” because we didn’t know if we’d get another take once I did it. We didn’t know what would happen, if the birds wouldn’t do anything.

I came down that hill on that bike, and those birds took off and flew, and it’s one of my favorite shots in the movie because it’s just so beautiful. It’s so well done, and it speaks volumes about all those characters being free of all that they had been taught before—being free of living this sort of conforming life.” -Josh Charles