Did you just smell me?


Shakespeare in Love, On Stage - Official Trailer (x)

Fangirl Challenge: [6/20] Families » Emily Fitch and Katie Fitch
"You have to understand, Katie. I love you and I’ll never really leave you.”


l o v e will always be a stronger bond than b l o o d

The Strain 1.2

@halfadams: So grateful for Mark’s training and attitude. His incredible new video just arrived. I like the Troian parts…

Buffy/Giles moments

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One, two, three, four… the Devil’s here, now sleep no more.

A Doctor Nora Martinez appreciation post

Here we are: the nursery in our day. Jim Prideaux and Bill Haydon, of course - the inseparables. There’s Control himself. All my boys, all my lovely boys. That was a good time, George.